What a great visit!

Peter brought Micky and Emma today (okay, that was two days ago now, I got distracted by school work and then Girlkid came to visit yesterday) and holy cow are they ever growing up!  Take a look at Micky’s feet:

Big fricking pawsAren’t they HUGE? She is going to be a very big girl. 

Big puppy and a size 9 slipperI mean, look at her.  That’s a size ten slipper right there.  She was passed out cold.  We’d had them out exploring stuff around the grounds and meeting people.   They played with each other, lots of chew toys in the house, terrorized Toffee, and fell all over themselves letting me pet them. 

The wee puppy comes up to my knee when she’s sitting on her butt.  It’s so bizzare to have her this big.  And yet, it was funny to run into people who saw the puppies last when they were tiny.  One woman, who was one of the moms there when kids swarmed the 6 week old Micky after school one day, saw them in the elevator and said, “Black lab?” When I said “No, Cane Corso…” she said, “OH! It’s you! Oh my god! They’re so big!” I had to laugh.
Up to my kneeSee what I mean??  I’m sitting on the couch and her head is up to my knee! 

She’s so damn adorable.

We took the puppies out and about.  Nature walks, of course, but we also wanted them to get used to the traffic.  They’re a little leary of it.  Used to be downright terrified, so there’s been progress! But we’re trying to get them used to walking along the road while cars go by and up the driveway was a good start for them. 

Everywhere we went, we met people who just had  to meet the puppies.  People in cars rubbernecked to watched the two adorable little black dogs who ambled smei-clumsily around. People walking around (even the one very well dressed young man who couldn’t stop and get messy playing with them) had big smiles as they watched them.  

Amber will come up often so I will explain who she is.  My building group has a number of people who work in maintenance, cleaning and management and Amber seems to float among all three.  And she absolutely loves dogs.  She first met the puppies when they were small enough to both fit in my coat.

2017-11-16 13.04.19
Micky closest to me, Emma snuggling close to her.

She could not get enough of them then but because I haven’t seen them in a while she hasn’t either; she was shocked to see how big they are.  They sit so docile for pets.  



After the initial “OH MY GODS! I AM SO HAPPY TO MEET YOU!” they will sit on their bums and let you love on them.  They will sit there and let you stroke their heads and look at the size of their feet.  They will sit quietly in the elevator, or while waiting for the elevator, or while people talk over their heads.  

“What well mannered puppies you have!”

“They have such wonderful temperments already.”

“Oh, Micky will make a great support dog.”

That last one is my favourite.  She is such a good dog. As I’ve said before, it’s going to be a lot of work to get her there but the fact that I’m starting out with a wonderfully even tempered creature is a massive bonus and a great start. 

I have to get back to the project I’m a day behind on but I wanted to share one last thing with you.

Puppy Selfie
Puppy selfie!

I laid on the floor to try to get a picture of her playing with a rock (part of my collection). She went, “MOMMA! PLAY!” and wriggled over to attack my face with slobbers. Then Emma ran over to join in on the licking and wriggling and slobbering.  When Toffee heard my shrieks of laughter and OMGDROOL! she came running over to see if I was okay. (Made sure of that by standing on my butt but whatev. laughs)

I finally managed to get a picture of her. Wasn’t the one I started out to get but it’s a great one anyway! 

Time to get back to school work.  Talk to you soon!

Don’t forget to spread my blog and Facebook page around.  I’m just getting started and I could use all the support I can get.  I’ll be looking for a large dog crate soon. That means sales, people who aren’t using theirs anymore and are looking to sell or trade it (I do have some skills I can barter – cooking, baking, writing/editing).   Keep me in mind!


Edit:  Oh my gods! I totally forgot!  We had the puppies weighed when they were here and Micky came in at a whopping 21lbs!  From 4.7lbs at 4.5 weeks to 21lbs at 11 weeks that’s quite the growth spurt!

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